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My Mole Removal Experience

I have 3 big Scars left on my Body due to badly done mole removal.
Each time from a different doctor but it was always the same:

  • it was hard to get an appointment
  • they say: don’t worry you wont be able to see the scar
  • and then put a lot of local anesthesia while they cut open your skin

If you ever had a mole or a big skin tag you know how uncomfortable such a thing can be. Often people have the desire to remove their mole since they were a child.

Bulky and hairy moles can be very unpleasant and the worst is when they form in the armpit or under your bra.
Still most people hesitate to remove their mole because they don’t what to replace it with a scar or are afraid the mole might turn out cancerous or they are just uncomfortable to go to a doctor.

Only a few people know about the natural alternatives. I didn’t and i couldn’t imagine another way of removing a mole besides cutting it out or burning it with the laser.

Luckily there are other natural possibilities to remove moles without a scar in just a few day. The one i tried is called dermatend but there is also a lot of other natural mole removal remedies that work just as fine just they take a bit longer.

I hope I could prevent some people from getting scars.

all the best


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